Best strategy for handling rain fall recording on emoncms


I have at last got my rain gauge running. I am using a an emontx temperature node with the software modified to pulse input. The firmware seems reliable and I am at last getting fairly reasonable battery life. This needs improving but I am having trouble getting my head round interrupts.

The gauge generates a pulse every time a specific amount of rain falls (still to calibrate this).  

The question is where to go from here. Is it best to transmit the running total of pulses to my emoncms and do all processing there or should I process the data on the emontmx bearing in mind I am trying to keep power consumption low because of battery life? 



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Re: Best strategy for handling rain fall recording on emoncms

Interrupts and deep sleep are the way to go, with proper code you can have it working for years on the same batteries.

See Nathan's dipping bucket project, he has some code too:



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