emonTx - Multiple Pulse Input

Hi, am a noob to electronics but fascinated by the energy monitoring concept. How could the emonTx board be modified to facilitate multiple Irda Pulse sensors - assuming of course its possible in the first place?

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Re: emonTx - Multiple Pulse Input

emonTx (with RFM12B) has only got one IRQ input spare. If you're after more pulse inputs here's a design for a 12 input pulse counter: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/buildingblocks/12-input-pulse-counting

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Re: emonTx - Multiple Pulse Input

And here  http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/2909 is a link to another one that doesn't necessarily needs to be a dedicated pulse counting one, and uses software interrupts to be able to handle more than two counters

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Re: emonTx - Multiple Pulse Input

thanks for the feedback guys, will check it out.

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Re: emonTx - Multiple Pulse Input

just wanted to add another idea: I'm using the jeeports for pulse counting. Each sensor (reed switch or hall sensor) is connected both to the interrupt and the digital of a jeeport. Using the digital input, I can differentiate which sensor triggered the interrupt. I'm testing this setup now for monitoring water use and it seems to works ok. 


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