EmonTX and TSIC 206 temperature sensor

I have found a very low power consuming digital temperature sensor. I made some experiments with TSIC 206 temperature sensor and it works nicely in EmonTX with 2xAA batteries. It is a good alternative for Dallas DS18xxx sensors (with very small code changes).

Wide temp.range: from -50 C to +150 C...make it suitable for measuring my cottage temp in winter in Finland. Cottage is solely Solar PV powered, so all microwatts are valuable. Current is only 30 uA in 3.3V.

It is available for example from http://www.reichelt.de/ADW/0/0//index.html?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=82326;SEARCH...

More about TSIC:  http://www.ist-ag.com/eh/ist-ag/resource.nsf/imgref/Download_DTTSic20x_30x_E1.0.pdf/$FILE/DTTSic20x_30x_E1.0.pdf

Arduino library for TSIC: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/Tsic