Interrupt based setup for monitoring a 3phase system?

Hello everyone. This is my first post. 

I have a 3phase heat pump and I'd like to monitor real power. I read some of the forum discussions and concluded that for best accuracy when doing many measurements it is best to go with an interrupt based code so I experimented a bit with emonTxV3_4chan_continuous.ino (the continuous sampling firmware developed by Robin Emley) but unfortunately it seems designed for one phase systems.

I was wondering if there is a similar (interrupt based) firmware that supports a 3phase system, either through monitoring one voltage only or even better for monitoring all 3 voltages (so taking 6 different measurements in total). I am not sure if the sampling rate would be high enough in the latter case?

What would be your suggestion regarding my case?


P.S. Does a dedicated irc channel for OpenEnergyMonitor exist, yet? Would be fun to chat with people working on similar projects.

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Re: Interrupt based setup for monitoring a 3phase system?

It should be possible to extend MartinR's PLL sketch (see Solar PV power diversion with emonTx using a PLL, emonGLCD and temperature measurement, by Martin Roberts) to read 6 inputs, though without actually doing it I can't hazard a guess at the number of samples you'd get per phase and still have enough time for the radio etc. (That of course depends also on how much time you've got per cycle.) Most of the designs here are 50 Hz and single phase because that is the norm for domestic properties.

I believe Petrik is working on a derivative that has a single voltage input.

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