Using raspberry Pi for Home monitor

Hi, I am new to raspberry Pi and wish to do the energy monitoring project. I am doing this for my hom and hence need to know what hardware do I need to setup a system.

1. Raspberry Pi unit (already have it)

2. Home Energy Monitor Kit Bundle 868Mhz (Europe only) (I am from UK) which comprises of emonTx 868 MHz, 100 A max clip-on sensor and eMon GCD 868 MHz

3. I do have a blank SD card where I can hopefully download the OpenEnergyMonitor for free

It does say on the bundle the following things are need but not included:

1 x FTDI programmer

3 x Mini-USB power cables

3 x USB power supply plug-in adapters


Why do I need this for? Where can I buy them from?  Normally I would have expected the bundle to be complete like a startup kit and hence a bit confused.


Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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Re: Using raspberry Pi for Home monitor

You need the programmer to program the emonTx and emonGLCD, you need power supplies and leads to power these. (Note the emonTx is not powered by the AC-AC adapter. If you use one, that is for measuring the mains voltage only.)

You can buy all of these from the shop. You might want to buy some of these from elsewhere (but you need to ensure you buy the correct thing), or you may have suitable items to hand already (i.e. if you already have a suitable programmer, you don't need a second one; if you intend to run your emonTx off batteries, you need a battery holder and batteries and not a 5 V power supply and USB lead).

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