Trying to join and create user account

Hi  I tried to create a user account sometime ago and wasn't sure I had succeeded.  Today and previously I tried to create another account. but it says my email is already in use.  I tried the "forgotten password" 3 or 4 times but never received an email with new password.


I created an entirely new account with another "created for the occasion" email address.  I got the password and logged on OK.   I changed the password successfully but no matter how many times I tried I cannot change the email address  even to another one not previously used.  Would appreciate some advice on how to do this as I really want to use my own "proper" email address.  Cheers.





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Re: Trying to join and create user account

FWIW, my "formal" email address is rarely if ever used by the system. 

At one stage, I used to be notified when other comments had been posted, but that's not happening now.  Not sure why this feature has stopped, but I don't miss it.  I just log on most days and see what's new.

The 'track' tab is great for showing any changes to threads that you've already contributed to.

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Re: Trying to join and create user account

Andy, Let me know via a PM the user name you want to use, and the email address you want to use with it, and the user name(s) you want deleting.

[Edit: The rogue account has been reset and the "second" account used to post the above has been deleted with Andy's agreement.]

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