Basic hardware setup

Hello folks!

My first post and my first steps in finding a practical solution for my home energy consumption monitoring... by coincidence I had a meeting with a salesman yesterday who presented a commercial monitoring solution. Basic startup price: 2500€ for hardware and setup with annual fee of about 200€ for maintenance and dashboard license ... you need to save A LOT of energy for this kind of money...

Question: at home I already have a shuttle XS35 permanently connected to the internet which runs Debian. I use it to connect to my home security system, to share files, to take care of my emails, ... so logically I would want to use this server as base system to connect with the emonTx node(s). I leafed through the different forum topics but couldn't find any related posts. Is there a practical solution for this? Anyone has any experience with this kind of setup?



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Re: Basic hardware setup

I have no knowledge of the Shuttle, but if it can run a LAMP stack and you can (optionally) load Timestore as well, I don't see why it would not work as your local emoncms server. You might need to do some customisation though. I think we have several users with similar set-ups.

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