"Hardware Setup Instructions

On the top of the board there are two solder jumpers which need to be connected before emonTx Shield can operate. To make connection the middle solder pad should be connected with a blob of solder to either the left of right solder pad, depending on the connection required. The solder can be re-melted and adjusted at a later date if required."

i am using arduino UNO so which two solder jumpers are needed to be connected. i expect there is photo that might explain this more clearly. 

in addition, i have basically soldered every component on the PCB already except for the RM128 , i guess it is only used for transmitting data wirelessly , therefore i can just use the arduino software to display the measured current and voltage on my computer before moving on to the wireless transmission. is that correct?

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Re: soldering

I've not used this board, but it appears that the two solder jumpers are only to do with the RF chip.  If you're not using the RFM12B facility yet, then I would expect the circuit to behave correctly without either solder jumper being made.

To check that your new hardware is behaving as expected, you may find it helpful to run some of the sketches that appear near the top of my Summary PageRawSamplesTool_4ss_2 will provide a one-shot graphical display of your voltage and current waveforms via the Serial Monitor.  This will show how well your system is set up for the appropriate range of powers that you wish to measure.  MinMaxAndRangeChecker will repeatedly display relevant data for analogue inputs 0 to 3.  For any of these inputs that are floating, the displayed data should be ignored.

With four CT inputs and a voltage sensor, the emonTx Shield appears to be using five of the six available analogue inputs.  The tool could be easily extended to match this arrangement.

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Re: soldering

chunyang: I told you in this thread where those links are. Ask yourself, why should we waste time answering your questions if you do not care to read the answers?

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Re: soldering

I think chungyang was simply wanting to confirm that his emonTxShield + Arduino Uno will work OK without the RF chip being fitted, and without doing anything to either solder jumper.  This scenario is not covered specifically by the online notes, so asking for a second opinion on the forum seems a reasonable thing to do. 

When the RFM12B is to be included, the online guide notes for the two solder jumpers will no doubt be of use.

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Re: soldering

thank you you understand what i am asking..

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