emontx shield soldering

i am not quite sure how to solder for the 8 pin header and 6pin header on the PCB board. i am using Arduino UNO for the shield. 

the one given on the website is different to the shield i got......

PS: i try to upload the photo of my PCB but dont know how..


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Re: emontx shield soldering

To upload a photo, click "File attachments" - [Browse...],  select the photo, click [Attach]  then tick the "List" box. Finally, save your post.

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Re: emontx shield soldering

so which one is recommend to be used? the 2*8pin+2*6pin OR 1*28pin if later on put this shield on the Arduino UNO board?


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Re: emontx shield soldering

I do not have a shield, I can only look at photos and the PCB layout diagram. On the PCB, you have 4 positions for headers, 2 of 8 pins on one edge, and 2 of 6 pins on the opposite edge. If you have a 28-pin header, you must break it into 4 pieces, 2 pieces with 8 pins and 2 pieces with 6 pins.

I think the photographs here show how to assemble the shield. I do not understand when you say the shield you have is not the same as the photographs. As far as I know, there has only been 1 version of the shield. Your photograph shows "emonTx Shield V 1.0",  the same as the photographs on the wiki page and the same as the drawings on Solderpad.

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Re: emontx shield soldering

Hi Larry,

There is only one version of the shield, your shield should match the photos in the build guide: http://wiki.openenergymonitor.org/index.php?title=EmonTx_Arduino_Shield#emonTx_Arduino_Shield

What differences can you see with your shield? 

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