ac adapter

i have found one ac-ac adapter that outputs 9.3v and 1A instead of the one found on ideal power(6VA, 9v,665mA)

is that safe to use it ?

as mentioned in the hardware introduction of this shield the ac-ac adapter works as AC voltage sensor that allows to measure the main supply(in australia,240v) so i am bit confused that i am able to use shield to measure other home used electronic device such as TV, fan....?

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Re: ac adapter

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Is it safe to use it? - we can't advise you on that, but does the power supply meet you countries accreditation system, has it been independently tested by the manufacturer? The voltage and current look ok for this purpose, it's mainly the build quality and isolation which is unknown.

the ac-ac adapter is used to determine the mains voltage to enable a more accurate energy measurement to be made, remember Power = Voltage x Current. And although your voltage is listed as 240 volts, it will no doubt fluctuate up and down depending upon local load etc. There is also the phase to consider, the ac-ac adapter will help determine the phase shift between voltage & current, such as when you are using an inductive load. 


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