emonGLCD spare pin out, need a PWM

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Re: emonGLCD spare pin out, need a PWM

Hello Mattnj, they are unfortunately all being used. The emonglcd makes use of all the analog and all the digital pins in fact. 

Of the 6 PWM digital pins:

  • PWM digital pins 6 and 9 are used for the BI colour LED's so that they can be faded between red and green.
  • digital pins 11 and 10 are used by SPI
  • digital 5 is used by the DS18B20 temperature sensor and has a 4.7k pull up resistor attached.
  • digital 3 is used by the LED backlight

If you didnt need a particular functionality like the LED's or temperature sensor you could use those for a PWM output.


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Re: emonGLCD spare pin out, need a PWM

Thanks, yes, I have binned the LED features and that has given me the 2 outputs I need on 6 and 9 all working now, I have my emonGLCD controlling my swimming pool !

It turns the heat pump on/off at night (econ 7) and also during the day when there is spare solar, it also fully varies the circulation pump speed when there is and solar excess.

Finally all working!



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