The grid

I'm playing around with a few things and wondered about the accuracy of the frequency measurement on the Emon TX. I guess this is much easier to measure accurately, asuming you have an accurate clock on board the EMonTX (which we do). I found this site that gives the grid frequency, which is in clsoe agreement with my TX:

Actually the wider website is quite interesting and somehting I think OEM could be applied to - much like turning on your immersion when its sunny, could we turn off (or ramp-down) non-essential items when the grid is under pressure, or relying more on carbon-intensive fuels, etc.

Fridges and freezers seem the main thing (with of course, an internal temp sensor to prevent the temp going too high), and in well insulated, thermally massive houses, heat pumps could be controlled too. This is already done (sort of) by large electricity consumers who are charged half-hourly on different rates decided by a real-time auction of capacity. On a smaller scale it's only really academic, although it would be cool to theoretically reduce your carbon footprint by shifting non-essential demand to periods of lower grid carbon, due to more wind or sun for example.

theres a bit about this topic here:


Food for thought!