How to handle high amp applications

I'm new to the site and to energy monitoring.  My engineer wanted me to ask the following question..

Is it possible to use the info/hw available on this site to build a unit that uses current transformers to output pulses from an industrial fuse panel (600+ amps). to the internet?

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Re: How to handle high amp applications

I don't understand, do you want to emulate a meter that generates a pulse per unit of energy? A c.t. will provide a low amplitude copy of its primary current, the emonTx sensor node can be programmed to do whatever you like with that. The example sketches measure a sample of current and (if available) voltage, and from those calculate / estimate (as appropriate) real power, apparent power, rms current and voltage, and report it every 5 s (because extended battery operation is a possibility). Reading between the lines, you can if you want monitor continuously and output a pulse for every 1 Wh (or whatever unit you want) of energy.

Why not get your engineer on-line and we can probably talk the same language? (Send him to my profile here.)

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