Commercial vs Residential use

I'm new to the site (and new to energy monitoring).  I've spent some time looking at the products in the store and have the following questions..

Can these devices be used (as is, or upgraded) for commercial applications?  To monitor energy useage in large buildings?

I'm working with a company that is looking into possibly providing energy monitoring to large companies as a service, but I notice that the products here seem to have more of a residential focus.

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Re: Commercial vs Residential use

I think that's a fair comment. In theory there should be no limit on the size of installation other than that imposed by the radio channels (assuming you use the radio, that is). If you elect to use the basic sensor node and have a wired interface instead, then I believe the practical limit would most likely be set by that.

I think Messrs Hudson & Lea might be able to answer better.

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