cheaper transducers available ?

I'm investigating the plausibility of monitoring current on each circuit in my home.  US/220@200amps coming in, 5 220 breakers @ 30amps, 18 110 @ 20 amps, 6 110 @ 15 amps.

Having 30 circuits, I don't want to spend $9 each.  I don't care if they're split-core or not (perfectly willing to pull the hot wire off the circuit breaker for a minute while I install the ct on it).

Does anyone know of more affordable CTs so that I wont have to spend $300 on them alone ?  i've been looking for something similar to the AS-104 (but it's frequency range is not useful for this)

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Re: cheaper transducers available ?

Talema AC10xx series is for 50/60Hz, high output current.

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