Please read before posting!

This forum is an opportunity to share your emoncms dashboard creations and visualizations of data, either by attaching a screenshot of your dashboard or creating a link to your 'public' dashboard.
Hopefully, the examples will create interest and inspire others to design their dashboards, but also serve as a catalyst to further develop the dashboard environment.

Attaching screenshots - Quite often. emoncms dashboard pages are larger than what can be displayed and captured using the Prnt Scrn function, but there are many browser add-ons/extensions which enable you to capture web-pages much bigger than your screen. My favorite for 'Google Chrome' is the free 'Webpage Screenshot' extension (***see below) which does the job effortlessly, but there are many more and for other browsers.

Link Posting - if you do post a link to your dashboard, please;

  • Ensure that both the dashboard AND the feeds being displayed are marked as 'public'.
  • If you change your dashboards address, please remember to update your post - to avoid dead  links in the forum!
  • Consider the implications of publishing real-time data about your home, i.e. could it be used to determine if no-one is home, especially if your domain is listed to your home address!

Questions & Support - If you have any questions or need support, then please post in the general forum, as this section is purely to showcase what can be achieved with emoncms.

If you wish me to add/amend this introduction, please PM me.


UPDATE - 30th Dec 2013
The latest version of the 'Webpage Screenshot extension' now comes bundled with Malware which persistently offers you an option to get site cashback from commerce sites, therefore I no longer support the app.