Measuring fuel tank level



I have a current cost for the last few years, and really not happy with it, and then I stumbled on openenergymonitor just this morning. I want to do a few things, eg, expand the number of monitors, but also want to monitor things like my oil tank level and usage.


Is it possible to do the oil tank measurements with this, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to do it.


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Re: Measuring fuel tank level

I built a capacitive fuel tank sensor some years ago.  Easy enough to do, I may even have some of the circuit boards around somewhere, as I made quite a few up for friends.  The unit outputs a voltage proportional to fuel level that could easily be read by an A/D.

Mine were made up for reading a tank depth of around 300mm or so (they were used on paramotor fuel tanks) but there's no reason the sensor tubes couldn't be made longer.

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