Rfm12pi question

Hi all,

i am planning to buy a simple energy monitor with a single current sensor And would like advice on raspberry radio freq module

should i choose 433 mhz  or 868 mhz model? I live in europe so both would work

i have an oregon scientific thermometer using 433 freq. may it interfer with emon transmitter?

the kit in the shop is sold out, do you think i'll find too many problems to get components at84 (and firmware) and rfm12b?

many thanks,,


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Re: Rfm12pi question

I think you can choose any freq amongst the two.

Both the emonTX and the thermometer should be able to live together. You can pick the 868 to be sure to minimize interference, or the 433 and keep the possibility to hack the thermometer some day and get its measurements to your emonBase.

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Re: Rfm12pi question

I was wanting the RFM12Pi as well, and found it sold out.  No answer to my enquiry email so far :(

EDIT: I hear they're back in stock.

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