Fridge on timer

Whats the thoughts on putting a fridge on timer so that it is only on when the PV panels are producing energy ?

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Re: Fridge on timer

the life of your food would be would spend a load more money in throwing away off food than you would save in power consumption!

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Re: Fridge on timer

This is what I understand. A freezer can be safe for 48 hours if the door is not opened, 24 hours if the door is opened. The   fridge is only good for 4 hours if it is full and the door not opened. 


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Re: Fridge on timer

I've been running an A+ rated FREEZER on timer for over a year with no ill-effects. During the winter I bring the "off" time forward to 2AM/3AM so the "on" time is brought forwards to 9AM//10AM when PV is generating. In summer I've switched it to off at 12midnight and on at 8AM so it comes on after other big draw like kettles, toaster etc.

It's made a small but noticable difference to consumption as part of a bigger energy reduction project. Average grid consumption now is ~3kWh/day compared to 12kWh/day ~4yrs ago.

I haven't tested it all night .. yet but will possibly try it in summer. I suspect it would not be viable over winter.

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