[Solved] Recovering from a changed password

Hi All,

Today I've changed the default account and password for the emoncms raspberry image. But I think my password is somehow malformed in the database, since it won't be accepted anymore. So now I have two questions:

1. Can I recover the password somehow from the mysql database? Or change it somehow that makes it so I can login again? I hate to loose all loging data so far gathered ;-)

2. Can it be that this password get malformed after entering it in emoncms? 

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Re: [Solved] Recovering from a changed password

Do you mean the User password into emonCMS or the emonCMS password into MySQL ?

User password:

In emonCMS, register a new user and set the password you want to use (to replace the lost one).

Go into phpMyAdmin, select the database and the Users table, and copy the Password and Salt from the new user to the old user.

(You now have two users with the same password - you can delete the new one from the table if you wish, it's finished with.)

emonCMS password:

In phpMyAdmin, go to privileges and you can change the password there.

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Re: [Solved] Recovering from a changed password

Hi Robert,

That worked as expected. I've created a new users, and copied the salt and password to the original user.

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