Direction needed please ..............


This is my 1st post - so be gentle please chaps ........

I've almost finished the hardware build of my Solar Router. I've used the kit boards from Rich and an Arduino Uno but am not using the EmonTx or any monitoring as just want hot water! I'm using an Eco-Eye ready built monitor for monitoring.

The hardware is all built and almost ready to go - just waiting for for one bit to arrive in the post.

My issue is that I have failed to find an "idiots guide" to loading an Arduino sketch. My Uno came with masses of verydetailed manuals. I'm assuming that "all" I want to do is upload a sketch, calibrate the thing and then let it run for the next 20 years.

So, if someone could point me in the right direction then I would be very grateful.

In anticipation - Rob

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Re: Direction needed please ..............

Is this what you want?

Or I wrote a very terse Windows one here: that assumes you've got drivers etc loaded correctly. (You don't say what your OS is, so drivers might or might not be needed.)

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Re: Direction needed please ..............

Thanks Robert,

That's spot on thanks - much appreciated. Am using Windows XP Home on a Asus netbook with an Atom N450 processor - not the fastest machine I know - but keeps me happy enough, hope it's man enough for the job.

Regards - Rob

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