How to check

I am uploding from arduino IDE to emonTx.

However, error occurs;

"avrdude: stk500_recv(): programer in not responding"

What wrong with it.

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Re: How to check

Sorry, but this error could be almost anything. If you haven't got it working yet, start by carefully reading here and check very carefully every step.

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Re: How to check

I often get this error and I don't know what causes it but as Robert says, it can have many causes. After a few curses it ultimately works again.

The Arduino IDE is generally the object of my wrath when this happens, but I realized the other day that it could be due to the fact that the programmer fits a bit loosely on the emonTX and perhaps the contact is not good enough, especially if the TX is moving (like when I have it on my lap or in one hand with the mouse in the other).

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Re: How to check

Rare, but it could be problems with the bootloader in the Atmega 328.

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