[fr] Article about OEM on Da Linux French Page


Just to let you know I published an "article" about OEM on linuxfr.org, a.k.a. Da Linux French Page, a popular french website for linux and FOSS users and developers.


No doubt scores of enthusiast developers are joining soon.

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Re: [fr] Article about OEM on Da Linux French Page

Wow looks really good, thanks Jerome!

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Re: [fr] Article about OEM on Da Linux French Page

Someone there pointed me a mismatch regarding the license for the hardware between those two pages :


Hardware designs (schematics and CAD) files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and follow the terms of the OSHW (Open-source hardware) Statement of Principles 1.0.


Following the principles of the Free Software Movement the software source code and hardware designs for this project are available at no cost to everyone under the GNU General Public License.

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