emontTx v2 program header pinout

Hi, I 've got a emontxV2, and after buildup , I try to uploand the firmware, with a standard usb-->TTL-UART cable,  but with ubuntu, windows7, and xp, I always recive the same error,  avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

if I try lsusb, I can see the usb ---> serial port.

My question is, Need I a specific cable by the openenergy shop?


Witch is the pin out of the program header?

Do I need to use all the pins?

Witch is the order  TX, RX, 5V, ?

And at the end, need I also a supply power by usb, to program or is anought the power by the header?



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Re: emontTx v2 program header pinout

The circuit diagram and pcb layout is here: http://solderpad.com/openenergymon/emontx/

You do not need power via the USB socket (which is only used for power) while the programmer is connected via the FTDI interface.

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