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Hi, I am new here.

I'm just wondering is this system able to directly control the home appliances?

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Re: Home Appliances Control

Primarily, this site is about energy monitoring. However, if you read the forums you'll see that Calypo_rae has developed a controlled dump load to divert surplus PV energy into heating the domestic hot water supply (see in OpenEnergyMonitor Guide for the full details) and he has recently published a radio-controlled add-on for a portable appliance - most likely that would be a space heater - also to use surplus PV energy. So although it is not the focus of activity, control of appliances is certainly possible using the components available.

So if you want to pursue that line, I'm sure you'll find a lot of help, knowledge and support available here.

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Re: Home Appliances Control

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Re: Home Appliances Control

Some time ago, I have done a small RF controlled switch using ATmega168 and RFM12B. This could in fact be used to control small loads (<5A) with basically the same RF protocol that OEM uses (jeelib based).

But security and liability questions stopped this development on my side. Same reason while OEM decided to use only non-intrusive (or 'mains isolated') components and modules.

The switch uses a LinkSwitch to generate +5V from mains AC and a small 5A relay for switching. Was meant to be mounted behind a standard wall outlet.  

BR, Jörg.


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