Solar Diverter Build Confusions...

I am currently putting together a solar diverter based on Robins designs, but I'm getting confused with all the varying options.  I have previous read most of the posts but never really took a deep interest due to my being happy with my own phase angle setup.  Now that my friend wants one I'm having to re-read over it all and I'm getting confused as there are so many variations, and posts all over the place - I do appreciate they have been brought together in this post .

I am about 90% complete on the hardware based on this schematic - , but now I've come across this schematic - which is essentially the same but a few different values/components.  Can I leave the currently fitted resistors or do they require changed?  Also the 1N4001 diodes in the first schematic are now 1n4148  - should I change them?

All my friend requires is a setup to divert his spare power but he'd like some indication of when it's diverting, so I've opted for the MK2i rev 5 in free running mode.  Is this the most suitable option?



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Re: Solar Diverter Build Confusions...

Also the 1N4001 diodes in the first schematic are now 1n4148  - should I change them? Personally, I wouldn't bother if it's already built. The 4148 is a high speed small signal device, the 4001 a higher power rectifier.  I would have used the 4148 here out of choice. They are there in an attempt to save the internal protection diodes of the analogue input if the c.t. sees a high fault current downstream. The only way to tell whether the resistors are good for your choice of voltage and current transformers is to do the maths - sorry, but you know what you've got there!

I'm pretty sure all the information you need is in Building Blocks (somewhere - it might take a bit of reading and searching to find it).

Robin is best placed to advise which version is the most appropriate to your needs.

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