Suggest US AC-AC Power Adapter

I didn't see a suggested USA (120v/60Hz) AC-AC adapter on the Building Blocks page so I was wondering what people were using and how well it worked out.



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Re: Suggest US AC-AC Power Adapter

We do have some forum posts from the US from time to time, but I can't recollect one about adapters. If you read the report on the Ideal (UK) adapter, you'll see what the problems are, but how to evaluate one from the data sheet for the properties required - low waveform distortion and small (or at least constant) phase shift, I haven't got a clue. It is a matter of how the adapter is designed - most are designed as isolating transformers to transfer low voltage power and for that the distortions I mention are irrelevant, so they are not a major consideration in the design process. I think my strategy would be to find the one with highest weight to power ratio, or the best efficiency (lowest losses), if this is even mentioned. This might just indicate that the iron was working further away from saturation, which is desirable.

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