RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

Has anybody experience about the range of RFM12Pi Wireless-Network? I there a solution to setup range-extenders or repeaters to setup a greater-area network, for example to install an messurement in an company?


Stefan Krüger

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Re: RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

nobody any idea about range and rangeextender?

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Re: RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

I have never seen one mentioned here. Try looking on the JeeLib site.


In hardware, an emonTx (less sensors) should be sufficient to handle the data on a 'store and forward' basis: receive the message and retransmit it. (Yes, an emonTx will receive!)  One problem will be keeping the correct Node ID for the source of the message. I think it is solvable because I have read that Node IDs can be changed dynamically. A second will be the possibility a receiver will be in range of both the original transmitter and the repeater, and then the message will be received twice, so a protocol needs to be devised to deal with that. Another possible problem will be the radio channel will typically have twice as much traffic.

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Re: RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

I have it working from an emonTX to a emonGLCD at 50m, through a couple of brick walls, works fine.

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Re: RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

Maybe try to add "mesh-networking" functionality to the RFM12B driver? http://forum.jeelabs.net/node/1411.html

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Re: RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

I live on a cul de sac type area and distance has not been such a big issue as other devices using the same frequency and even the same bps rate! Looks like some home security units use this same frequency to communicate between devices. Mesh network with routing table helps but adds more Erlang B. If one wants to extend range maybe a directional antenna could also help ?

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Re: RFM12Pi Repeater to extend range

I'm interrested in this mesh- or repeater theme because I think in using the OEM to make energy-flows of bigger buildings or companys visible. I think in implement a temporary or stable network of messuringpoint für elektricity and temperatures, as well as impulses of gas- and water-meters. This points of mesurement ar usualy not located on one concentrated point. They morely have distances of several dozends of meters with walls, ceilings, windows, concrete and other stuff inbetween.


Especially when installing such a system only temporarily for some days or weeks, the system should be configurable with low expense.

I have read the link from fluppie about the jeenode, but the discussion stopped last year. I think there are some guys on the web braining on the same problems.

So far, thank you for your ideas, let us follow on this theme.



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