OpenEnergyMonitor hardware required

My home located in the US has both primary commercial power and a  Generac automatic standby generator.  I wish to monitor both sources of power.  The automatic standby generator (ASG) must "exercise" each week for 12 minutes to recharge the 12 VDC battery and keep the oil circulated in the engine.  A requirement for the ASG is to verify that it exercises every week and that it kicks in when I lose the commercial power.

Thus, I'd would like some input on what bundles I would need to purchase in order to not only monitor energy usage but to also monitor energy outages.  I have a Home Automation Inc. Omni Pro II security/automation panel installed.  So, I also may want to investigate some type of "interface" to this panel.

The commercial and ASG power both have two legs each approximately 125 volts AC.

Thanx for any assistance offered.