OpenTRV Radiator valve project

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Re: OpenTRV Radiator valve project

Just spent a day with Honeywell. not open source obviously, however they now have a controller out that can set up up to 8 'soft zones' within a heating system, each zone can have unlimited remotely controlled TRV's that when opened trigger the boiler and pump.

i.e it does what the above project sets out to do.

Each TRV is controlled individually within a soft zone, the temperature and time programme applies to the whole of that soft zone (6 changes in a 24 hour period)

Each TRV has an LCD display that show the local temperature, and can be changed on that TRV directly giving effectively a micro zone that is reset at the next programme step.

Due to the complexities of configuring the system it is not going to available to 'Joe Bloggs' plumber, only the specifically trained ones. (Positive move, it should mean that they are at least set up correctly initially :) )

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Re: OpenTRV Radiator valve project

oh.. an old one... but can assure you OpenTRV is simple to use... and easy to fit...

and we would much like to have it integrated with OEM

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