System Configuration Emontx and Emonglcd only

Hi what i am about to ask i assume can be done just wanted some confirmation first. I recently built a system to monitor my solar hot water and pv system this is working well. 

I also installed  a solar hot water system at my dads place and he is keen to see what the solar hot water is doing rather than looking at the controller outside. I am only thinking of monitoring only not control.

He lives on island and doesn't have ADSL internet or a wireless network and only connects to the internet when needs be.

I would like to build a emontx and emonglcd only so he can monitor what is going on. I know this will work but wondered if anyone had success using the jeelabs precision RTC clock to keep the time i have seen some examples code which i think will work ?


My thoughts are 

  • emonglcd with custom graphics
  • emontx with

    • outside temp
    • Cylinder temp
    • solar flow
    • solar return with calculated solar yeild
    • current ct with fixed supply voltage for wattage
    • todays solar yield and immersion heater totals ( not sure if the emonglc can total the days usage then reset with the jeelabs RTC) ??


Thanks Paul