RFM12Pi killing my RPi

I am having trouble with my RFM12Pi. After determining that my ATtiny microcontroller may not have been programmed, I received a new one from the UK. Now that I have installed the new one, the Pi powers off once I attach the RFM12Pi board! The Pi powers back on when I unplug the RFM12Pi. I tried my old ATtiny and it does not work with that one either. Not sure what is going on here.

Any diagnostics I can do on my board to figure this out? Is there a RFM12Pi schematic available so I can do some testing with my meter?


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Re: RFM12Pi killing my RPi

Hi, see here for the schematics:


It looks like a short is kicking in, carefully inspect the board visually and with a multimer. 

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Re: RFM12Pi killing my RPi

Double check that pin 1 on the RFM12Pi connects with Pin 1 on the RasPi. The RFM12Pi should sit as close to the SD card as possible

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