Raspberry Pi

I see that the Raspberry Pi is the 'preferred' hardware for the Emonbase, just a few questions please;

1) Why 'Raspberry Pi', and not the Nanode RF? Isn't the Rasp Pi a bit of a overkill ?
2) Which Rasp Pi is recommended, Type A or B?
3) Is it possible to connect the Rasp Pi to the router via a USB Wireless WiFi dongle instead of ethernet?
4) Cheapest supplier for Rasp  Pi anyone...

Thank you

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Re: Raspberry Pi

1) Rasp Pi is far more flexible and a better work horse. I use mine as a emonbase and it also runs emoncms. I also run a few other web projects on it. All my data is stored on an external hard drive. And at £35, it's hardly overkill. Running a MacBook Pro would be overkill.

2) Model B. I see no real reason for the Model A .. mine is connected to my network via RJ45, and the extra memory is worthwhile.

3) Yes .. I have two Pi's connected via wifi. I suppose you could use a Model A, but then you'll likely need to have a USB hub to be able to connect wifi and keyboard.

4) All pretty much same price .. not a lot of margin in them.

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Re: Raspberry Pi

When you say 'also runs emoncms', do you mean that instead of paying for a web-hosting account, you are running your own web server on the Rasp Pi which contains the emoncms files & database?

As you will no doubt have noticed, I am new to this, so thanks for your patience.

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Re: Raspberry Pi

Correct. But the general advice is you need to use an external hard disk if you are running a server. It appears that the life of static memory devices is limited when used for frequent writes.

There's a ready-built SD card image by M Harizanov available - see http://wiki.openenergymonitor.org/index.php?title=Raspberry_Pi#Using_rea...

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