Dashboard 'updated' value

Is there any way of getting the last updated value into a dashboard? I check it for issues on the feed list page, but want to put on my dashboard ..


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Re: Dashboard 'updated' value

If it's not clear, it's the time in /feed/list I would like to utilise in a dashboard ... i.e. the 37s from below ..

id name tag datatype public updated value  
1 lou_temp temp REALTIME   37s ago 19.9  


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Re: Dashboard 'updated' value

Hello Nick, thats a good idea, it would be a matter of creating a new dashboard widget for it, there's no way of doing it at the moment. I might be able to have a look at it once I've completed this architecture documentation and the new user module im working on, but feel free if you want to go ahead to try and build it.


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Re: Dashboard 'updated' value

Is there any news about this?

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