Sensor Driving : Final Academic Project of 5 students in engineering school ( ECE Paris)

The environmental protection, as well as the economic crisis, being at the heart of the current concerns, a collective awareness brought private individuals large number to question themselves on their ways of consuming energy.

Within the framework of our Final Academic Project, integrated into the Energy "cluster" and into the OpenSource valuation, of the ECE Paris school, we suggest meeting the needs of private individuals by reading and sending on a web site of the real time electric consumption.

For that purpose, our project begins to describe and use the technology of clamp meters connected with each other by the free operating system Contiki. We shall study at first aspects relative to the connection of clamp meters in microcontroller before studying the communication protocol IEEE 802.15.4 and the implemented algorithm.

We create a website with all the explanations of our project, how to build the electronic parts with all the components to buy; concerning the microcontroller all the implemented algorithm with print screen.

We would like to know if this could interest some of you, and we are working on the website that will be ready in two weeks.

Thanks for helping us in our "OpenSource" Valuation