I want to use my Raspberry Pi to do two things - read a remote temperature sensor (which I would like to do using the RFM12Pi) and transmit an RF signal (433Mhz) to a remote controlled power socket.

To transmit the RF signal, I am using the GPIO4 pin on the Raspberry Pi. (See here: http://www.skagmo.com/page.php?p=projects/22_pihat)

So my question is: Is the GPIO4 pin used by the RFM12Pi and if so, does anyone know if I can use both applications on the same Pi?

Many thanks for any advice.

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Re: RFM12Pi

GPIO 4 is not used by the board, you can use it in your application.

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Re: RFM12Pi

That might be an idea... Me myself are working on getting the code to send to a power socket into the code of the RFM12pi, thus using the RFM12 to transmit. Might be a harder way to go than to use the Pihat? 

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