ST7565P display

I bought a ST7565P display on ebay that I have set up to run in serial but it does not use the first 4 vertical lines with GLCD lib. 

Does anyone have an idea of what goes wrong
(this is not an error on display for I have try 3 of them)
Regards Mark

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Re: ST7565P display

I maybe wrong but in the library for the GLCD file GLCD_ST7565.cpp line 21 


Looks like you need to change this to 0 as your missing 4 pixels off,..

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Re: ST7565P display


You just save my day :-)
It was just what was needed - so now I can use this display to my Air Data Instrument.
You must have a great weekend Robw

PS if there are some who want to know how I got this display to work, I can make a blog or wiki

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Re: ST7565P display

No worries..  

Im trying to get the adafruit dispay working with a mega 2560 but failing at the mo.. I know the screen works fine on a uno / 328 just refuses to work with the mega..


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