Feed input configuration help text

So, I am thinking that there should be an explanation of the input feed types for beginners, to be honest half of them mean nothing to me .. For example, I do have a pulse input from my gas meter but is "pulse difference" what I should be using? It switches between 0 & 500 via my current cost monitor.

Would any of you like to expand on any of the following and I will look at putting in some sort of help text somewhere .. Ta


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Re: Feed input configuration help text

Hi elyobelyob, do you know this link: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/297 ? Still not complete, but a begin. You are right about that. Wasn't clear for me either in the beginning. Maybe we should add some default processing templates like: power, temperature, pulses etc.

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Re: Feed input configuration help text

Yup, that's the thing! Slightly out of date .. would be useful to get an update there .. Thanks

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Re: Feed input configuration help text

I wonder what the best way would be to get the documentation into emoncms itself, so that when you scroll through the list a description appears. will have a think about it.

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