Raspberry Pi hangs when RFM12Pi connected

I've followed all the instructions here http://wiki.openenergymonitor.org/index.php?title=Raspberry_Pi to build the expansion board and install all the software.

When I boot up the Pi without the board connected it all works fine. I can connect to the Pi remotely and run emoncms.

When I connect the RFM12Pi board and switch it on, the green light comes on and then goes off and the Pi then boots up into Debian as normal. Once it's finished booting though it just hangs. No keyboard, mouse. Putty won't connect and nor will emoncms.

Any ideas what's going wrong here, or where to start looking?




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Re: Raspberry Pi hangs when RFM12Pi connected

Did you remove the reference to the Pi's UART from cmdline.txt as per the instructions?

I had similar symptoms when I neglected to do this.

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Re: Raspberry Pi hangs when RFM12Pi connected


Aaah that'l be it.

What a doofus. Must remember to read the instructions FULLY !!


Cheers Martin

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