Gas, water, and electricity monitoring via emonGLCD ?


So I have been thinking about getting something to track my energy bills, I'm a consumer only, no fancy pants solar cells I'm afraid. I would like to monitor gas, water and electricity. My gas meter has a pulse output and I plan on adding a water meter with the same.

I can find references on this site to people doing this with OEM, but nothing on how to configure emonGLCD. I have no problem with the electronics or software side of things but I need another development project like a bag on my head, I just ain't got the time. Ideally I would like to see current cost for the three services, accumulated cost, and current consumption, so my question is does this functionallity exist for emonGLCD, is it planned ?


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Re: Gas, water, and electricity monitoring via emonGLCD ?


This is a constructors' site. As far as I can recall, nobody has done exactly what you are asking for, and I've no idea whether anyone is planning to do it. If you offer to cross somebody's palm with gold, you might get a taker who is prepared to assemble the kits and program them for you to your requirements - it's worked in the past (but if you want prices shown, I foresee problems when the tariff changes - because the GLCD has very limited input capabilities).

[And just for the record, I'm not in the market!]

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Re: Gas, water, and electricity monitoring via emonGLCD ?


Many of us work in development and it's a bit of a busman's holiday doing this stuff at the end of our day or during the weekend. I don't know of people doing precisely what you are wanting. Certainly, I am not

From my experience, the emonTX (or however you choose to measure the data) is the place where the data is captured and the data processing is done. Generally speaking, the results are simply sent to the GLCD for display. You can, in principle, use the GLCD as a second processor if the emonTX is being run ragged provided you funnel the data appropriately from one to the other.

As for reading tariff data, that's a pretty tall order. For most of us, the program and data is burned into the eeprom and the microcontroller just does its business with it. Building variable charging could be done, in principle, but it isn't done by default in what we tend to write.

What were you expecting to configure in the GLCD, just the tariff or more?





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Re: Gas, water, and electricity monitoring via emonGLCD ?

I don't mind building the kits or flashing the firmware, I was just trying to avoid having to hack things around to do what I was after. I don't have the time or more accurately I should be doing other things :) I had searched the site but only found partial references to what I was after hence asking. I thought it a normal enough thing that someone else would have attempted it.

Now I have established if I want it I'll have to do it myself I have had a dig through the code and schematics today and think it doesn't look like too bad a job to do what I am after. I will probably hard code my tariffs in and reflash if they change. As for getting round to it ........

Very impressed with the fact the project has kits for sale, and that it's UK based, not often seen these days ! Top effort.


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Re: Gas, water, and electricity monitoring via emonGLCD ?

Go for it !!! This forum is top notch if there is a problem. But i do agree, writing a beginners guide would lower the threshold for people like me who had not really seen arduino before digging into this,

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