Accessing the web - Which one?

Hi everyone,


I want to add web access to my hardware as I'm not especially happy with the reliability of the smart bridge on my enviR units.

I have the emonTX (433Mhz) with the GLCD and my fusion sketch. I also have some external temperature monitoring and may add further nodes.

I have an account with COSM. I would like to retain that and possibly add further feeds to CMS. I presume that I can feed both simultaneously?

What annoys me about the smart bridge is the fact that it seems to freeze more often than it works. It probably isn't that bad but I find it freezing at least once every week or two. That's hopeless - I want a reliable feed that I can read remotely at any time.

I want something which runs standalone - no point in always having to run a PC to see the data (not that I think I need to with what is available).

There are several units offered through the forum shop. I plan to buy one of those while supporting the site at the same time. Much as I am willing to play, I don't want to jump through too many programming hoops so as to get things working reliably. A few hoops is OK, exercise is always good.

Within reason, cost isn't too big a deal. A few quid more wont kill off one unit over another but spending hundreds isn't an option though (not that I think I need to).

With these criteria in mind, and based upon your experiences with them, which of the units would you recommend from the shop?

thanks in advance.