Sharing data with another home automation system

Good afternoon,
I have a home automation system installed in my property (Idratek) and I want to integrate openenergymonitor with it.
I have an outdoor gas meter and an indoor electricity meter. My idratek modules can do digital and pulse counting (ODI-002) as well as analogue(QAI-002).
My question is :
Can I feed this modules with the raw values (pulses or voltage from each sensors) derived from the Display or the base station? If so, is that easy on which of the modules?
I would like to have the openenergymonitor working in parallel to my automation and if possible have the base station feeding the idratek whith the LCD in another part of the house.
My sensors would be:
Gas pulse readings (Actaris, hal maybe optical) Temperature at the gas box Electricity pulse reading (optical reflective object sensor) Electricity current monitoring

If I understand correctly and it is possible, I would order:
A kit bundle (868MHz)
An extra emonTx (868MHz)
A base station (NanodeRF SMT 868Mhz?)

Thanks in advance