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This is one of my favourite sites but I struggle a bit when trying to read the Blog posts on an iPad (can't resize the text). Am I missing something? Is there an easy answer?


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Re: Reading Blog posts on iPad

no, the css of the page thinks that on a tablet you don't need to resize text.

There is a cludge of a workaround.

If you download the the Opera Mini Web Browser. Click on the large red O (top left) , theres a zoom option under settings.

Increase the zoom, reload the page and hey presto the text is larger.




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Re: Reading Blog posts on iPad

Sorry to hear. This must be a google blogger issue rather than an issue specifically to our site. 

Try, works well on my Android tablet. I'm afraid I don't know anyone with an ipad to test. 

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Re: Reading Blog posts on iPad

glyn,  the ?m=1 trick doesn't work on an ipad or on an iphone to allow you to enlarge the text.



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Re: Reading Blog posts on iPad

Hi Glyn,

You're right about it being a generic Blogger issue (though more specifically, a Blogger template issue). Some of the Blogger templates do result in realizable text - e.g. 'Simple' seems to be a popular one. However I know this is a 'suits-me' issue :-) and I did find a reasonable workaround using Instapaper.

Thanks, Aideen


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