New to emonCMS

But, I'm not new to monitoring my power usage.  A long time ago I used Trystan's work to build my own power monitor from the ground up ( and have been using it continuously for a couple of years.  I finally got tired of Cosm's incredibly slow servers and came over to try emoncms as a repository.


Trystan, you did it right.  It took me a while to adjust my head to the paradigm, and to figure out how to have an Arduino with a standard ethernet shield send the data, but I did it.  I'm happily sending data and charting it with the tools here.

Nice job.

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Re: New to emonCMS

Nice One!

Trystan is having an Open Day today, so I doubt he'll see this post for a while, but I'm sure he'll be pleased.

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Re: New to emonCMS

Thanks a lot David, much appreciated. I enjoyed your review of it too.

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