Too many "ethernet_requests" and emonBase stops sending (NanodeRF_multinode_bulksend)


I am getting a "Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_feed " message in emonBase everytime it sends data to emonCMS. I can see that emonCMS updates properly. After a while emonBase stops sending data.

Having a look at the firmware i see that "ethernet_requests" is never resetted (line 211) because we get the "Fatal error..." instead of an "ok". When "ethernet_requests > 10" the delay is increased from 100 to 10000 (line 200), and this is where the problem is.

So for now i have fixed it changing the delay when "ethernet_requests>10" to 100  instead of 10000

Another thing, if at any point i get an "ok", "ethernet_requests" is resetted but the delay is not.

See you this weekend ;-)