Uses of emonTx and emonTx Shield


I'm a newbie. I've been searching information in your site about the system.

There's an issue I haven't been able to solve yet, and I can't find any comment about it. I'm sorry if it's discussed somewhere else, as I couldn't find it.

What's the difference between emonTx and emonTx Shield? Are they used for the same? Why is emonTx so cheap? Which one should I buy if I'm interested?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Uses of emonTx and emonTx Shield


EmonTx shild is cheaper because it doesn't include a processor. So you need a compatible Arduino board (Duemilanove,Uno or Leonardo) to run it.

If you don't have one, you should by an EmonTx.


There are also some little differences between the two solutions:

The shield is able to be connected to 4 CTs, but it has no pulse conter input. A temperature sensor can be soldered directly on the shild.

The EmonTx has only 3 CT connectors but a pulse conter input and a temperature sensor input

Both boards have 1 input for measuring the voltage.


I would prefer the EmonTx if you don't need 4 CT inputs because it is smaller and the "all in one" solution.

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