RFM12Pi - Periodic data spikes

OK,  I'm now confused!

Having rebuilt my rebuilt my RaspberryPi OS and emoncms from scratch today I am seeing periodic data spikes (see attachment). These occur at the same second , either every minute or every couple of minutes.  

To check to see that it wasn't the RaspberryPi, I swapped the RaspberryPI out for one of my other ones ( yes I have 3 ;-) )

The same thing happens but the value is different! 5748 vs. 5492 

Looking at  data feed feed/data?id=8 each spike occurs when the unix time ends in 9000, although there are "good" values which also end in 9000, and for some but not all data spikes the true value is listed as well.





These spikes are NOT seeing on my nanodeRF emonbase ( the raspberry pi is a test bed).


Any ideas?






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Re: RFM12Pi - Periodic data spikes

These spikes seem to happen at regular intervals, are these 30 seconds apart or a minute apart? Can you collect data over minicom for a while to see if the RFM2Pi indeed receives such values, OR they are messed up somewhere along the way to emoncms.

Do you send time to emonGLCD with the RFM2Pi?

Can you grab an older version of the raspberrypi_run.php to test out, it could be something newly introduced.

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Re: RFM12Pi - Periodic data spikes

I don't have a emonGLCD.

Minicom was seeing the values as well, they were occurring every 60 seconds or 120 seconds. 


So I went round and changed the GroupID on my modules. The problem has gone away.      

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Re: RFM12Pi - Periodic data spikes

hmm, maybe you are picking up transmissions from a neighbor?

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Re: RFM12Pi - Periodic data spikes

thats my guess, although I would have thought my transmissions would have played havoc with whatever they are doing.  

Raspberrypi is out in my study where as nanoderf is hidden in the understairs cupboard a.k.a server room.  So I'm guessing whatever it is I'm on the edge of the range.

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