connecting the sensors

please i'm very much a newbie to all of the home energy monitor and electronics in general,
The current sensor comes with a 3.5mm jack(from,pls how do I connect this to the setup?, do i rip off the jack and plug in the bare cables into the breadboard?
How about the AC-AC voltage adapter? do I do thesame thing?

I've got a USB cable which I'm using to power the arduino board.
please can you upload a picture that shows the full connection of the sensors to the breadboard (the one pic already on the site,but it doesn't quite show the full thing.)
(just a bit anxious,i just got my first arduino uno and really don't want to blow it up especially due to wrong connections)
would be glad if anyone can help out.

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Re: connecting the sensors


The easiest way (possibly not the tidiest) is to cut off the 2.5mm jack and solder on a length of single core wire to make it easier to insert into the breadboard.  Same with the AC adapter. Polarity does not matter for the CT or the AC-AC adapter. If the The energy monitoring reading is negative just flip the orientation of the CT clipped around the wire. The diagram on this page shows how the connections are made.

If you  want to do a tidier setup you could use a 2.5mm female plug into which you can plug in the CT.  

Hope this help.

All the best, Glyn. 

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Re: connecting the sensors

Thanks Glyn,

I'd go search for a 2.5mm female else i guess i'd have to resort to cutting off the jack that comes with the CT.

Thanks again


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