GLCD suitable to display more than one page?

Hope this is the right place to enter this question, since it apply to both HW and SW.

Is the GLCD suitable to display  the following data on dedicated pages:

- information from the PV system with a dedicated emonTx

- information from the Thermal Solar boiler  with a dedicated emonTx

- information from a (future) meteorologic station based on a JeeNode unit?

- and send a command to operate a relay connected to an emonTx unit, using one of the 3 switchs on board of the GLCD?


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Re: GLCD suitable to display more than one page?

The GLCD can indeed display many pages, the SolarPV sketch on Github does exactly that.

It might be possible to use the switches to send a command to the emonTx, however none of the standard sketches for the emonTx are suitable without major modification, as all put the emonTx to sleep for 5 seconds between measurements, and a transmission from the GLCD would almost certainly be missed. You would need to look at the GLCD sketch to see how to implement the receiver code, then integrate that into the emonTx sketch. You might also find that the emonTx will not receive while it is making the measurements, so it might be necessary to send each command several times, or invent a handshake protocol. I do not know of anyone who has done this.


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