Getfeed API examples?


I want to make a plugin for the (off-course it's opensource !)  windows desktop sidebar gadget called "rainmeter". So we all can have some nice emonCMS graphics on our desktop.

Rainmeter is able to use JSON (or HTML) webparts so I could be relative easy to show some feeds.
But I ran in to some documentation issues.. I want to use the get API from emoncms as explained on the the building blocks page:

But I can't find a description for the URL parameters?

emoncms/api/getfeed?apikey=YOURAPIKEY&feedid= &start= &end= &resolution=

I know the "yourapikey" and feedid part...but how do I set the start=&end=&resolution parts? I assume it's the start and end date...but what's the format? and I want to show a "realtime" = last reading from the power and voltage feeds is that possible?



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Re: Getfeed API examples?

The start and end are in unixtime (based on seconds since standard epoch of 1/1/1970).

You can also get the last value as mharizanov shows here


You could then look at getting the rainmeter app to poll emoncms at the update frequency you want.


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Re: Getfeed API examples?

thanks!! moose it works like a charm :)


gives my actual power consumption (but offline / no values on this moment because I'm editing some sketches..)

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Re: Getfeed API examples?

Hi alco,

I'm interested by rainmeter widget setup. I will find very useful to have emoncms data it laying on my desktop all the time


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Re: Getfeed API examples?

Hi all,

i'm newbie, i have succesfully mounted the emontx and Nanode, and posting my data to emoncms.

The next step, i like if it's possible, to retrieve data from emoncms (get feed value).

i'm beginner in the Arduino Code programming, so i'm searching for a simple Sketch example to retrieve feed value.

My purpose is to redirect the value to other server (like ecc...).

I think it's not possible to send data from nanode at the same time to 2 different server.

Thank you

Nice day



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Re: Getfeed API examples?

Remino,  As a newbie, it is not helpful to post the same message in 2 different places. 

1) The people who give support here are all unpaid volunteers and it just wastes time.

2) Often the answers come from more than one post. So if the posts are all in the same place it makes it easier for you as well.


Please see and post any contributions at Remino's other post at:


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Re: Getfeed API examples?

Sorry for the Mistake



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